Monday, June 24, 2013

Calculator Games for all! - Order of Operations

Calculator games! Creating these problems is easy, but its incredible what a headscratcher a well placed multiplication sign can result in.

These games force students to make choices about where in a multi-step problem they will place a limited number of digits. Once the free moving calculator buttons run out, so too do their options. However, some problems can still be solved multiple ways, resulting in discussions about the relationships various numbers share.

Teachers can choose to either make digits for incorrect answers available or use the handy trash can icon on the side, allowing students to obtain needed clues. The games come in various levels, with each increase in level adding an additional step to the problem. Finally, Level 5 flips the whole excersize on its side (literally) and asks students to balance equations. Each level comes with a blank slide at the end that will help teachers - or students - to make additional challenges.

Level 1 -

Level 2 -

Level 3 -

Level 4 -

Level 5 -

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