Monday, June 24, 2013

When snakes go to war - Cartesian grids

Over the past several weeks, we've been working hard to put together some more fun projects that will help bring mathematics to life in your classrooms. Now we have some ready to share and are very excited to be doing so!

First off, we have Battlesnake - a search and destroy style game for teaching kids about graphing lines on a Cartesian plane. Students can use one of the two boards to position their own snakes (either green or blue) and then use the other grid to keep track of their opponent as they hunt down the opposing colour. Simply name a coordinate point and - if your friend is hiding a snake there - SPLAT! Move one of the hit markers over that spot on the page. Keep track of how many snakes you've hit and the first to kill all of the opposing team's snakes wins!

The first few boards simply use positive integer coordinates and horizontal or vertical snakes. Later boards allow students to try to hunt down snakes in all four quadrants and along sloping lines. They may discover relationships between the points the snakes cover. Board 6 has even more varied shapes, including a parabola snake and a Fibonacci spiral.

Happy hunting to all!

Board 1 - horizontal snakes

Board 2 - vertical snakes

Board 3 - horizontal and vertical snakes, single quadrant

Board 4 - horizontal and vertical snakes, four quadrants

Board 5 - sloping snakes

Board 6 - elaborate snakes

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