Friday, September 27, 2013

Monsterful Art!!!

After putting together numerous Mathematics projects, we decided to branch out and add a few based around other subjects. Here are the first couple that were assembled with art classes in mind.

Monster Shapes -
A sort of meeting place between math, art and monsters, this project is filled with images of noses, mouths, eyes, ears, horns and fangs that can be used to build wild, crazy looking monsters. Math teachers can discuss which shapes are geometric objects (I happen to know some of the mouths are rather trapezoidal). Not all the teeth are pointy either, and not all the eyes are round. The above photo gives one idea of how the images can be combined, but it's certainly not the only way!

Art Tracer -
While the draw function on Explain Everything isn't perfect, it can do some interesting things that are difficult to find elsewhere. For regular drawing, I greatly prefer Paper 53. But Explain everything allows you to do something rather strange - to draw in white on a white background, unable to see what you're doing. How could this be helpful? Well, I remember in Grade 7 our teachers trying to help us learn to draw by sight, rather than relying on constantly checking what our hands were doing. It was nearly impossible to stop us from staring down occasionally as we drew. But in Explain Everything, a student can try to copy one of the images pictured in the project, entirely invisible and in white. Once they're done, they can simply select the drag tool and pull the white outline over top of the original image they were copying, so that they can see just how close they got.

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