Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sorting and Patterns

The next couple of projects involve sorting objects and creating patterns.

Object Sorting Game -
A mish-mash of objects in the style of "I Spy" and search n' find books. Students can be asked to sort things based on a variety of qualities - colour, whether something is edible, whether it's a plant - so forth and so on. A good exploratory excersize, where the objects can be moved into categories determined either by the student or the instructor.

Candy Patterns -
A game for pattern completion, the slides range from fairly easy to fairly complex. Items can vary by colour, type of candy and - in later slides - whether or not they are spotted. Extra slides are included so that it is easy for instructors to make additional excersizes. Below is just a short clip of when four year-old Hayden was building the rest of the patterns for the first excersize. This one was quite the favourite of his.

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