Monday, May 12, 2014

ISTE Mobile Learning Network Webinar 

Learning by Explaining your Understanding

Tim Pelton
May 15, 2014 

Welcome to - a website we have created to support the sharing of our growing collection of projects and videos created with Explain Everything (EE).

What is this tool? 

Explain Everything is a whiteboard app that allows teachers to create and share interactive resources (project files) and video explanations. We can then use these projects and videos as part of our lessons (or flipped lessons) to support students as they explore, organize, compare, identify, annotate, reflect, discuss, consolidate, and demonstrate. In addition, we can use these interactive resources and videos as exemplars to support students in using EE to build their capacities to solve problems, represent concepts, make connections, share reasonings, and communicate understandings.

An EE project may consist of one or more virtual whiteboards (slides) that can include drawings, text, imported images, video clips, webpages, etc.. Users (teachers or students) can interact with the slides can then manipulate/animate the objects on the screen (like virtual manipulatives), and/or record the screen activity along with audio commentary to create a video explanation/performance.

Projects may be stored in your EE app and retrieved at any time, or shared with others through email or the web, and then opened and used on other iPads running the EE app. Similarly EE generated video clips can be stored on your iPad for ready access later, or shared via email or the web.

For further information on EE – check out the app developer's website and watch their video on Explain Everything

Why Explaining Understanding? 

iPads and other tablets have huge potentials for the future of education. These include:

  • Accessing prescribed content (e.g., web pages, books, videos, etc.)
  • Searching for data or information through search engines (e.g., historical records, definitions, images, videos, etc.)
  • Exploring concepts with interactive resources (MathTappers:CarbonChoices,, EE projects, etc.) 
  • Consolidating understandings with apps and games (e.g., MathTappers:FindSums, Multiples, Clockmaster, Equivalents, EstimateFractions, Numberline, etc.) 
  • Creating interactive projects confirm mastery of concepts and allow others to explore  
  • Creating video explanations to share understandings of concepts, and presentations demonstrating mastery of information and techniques. 

EE is an app that supports most of these activities by allowing both teachers and students to generate interactive projects and video presentations.  Just as we expand our understanding when we strive to explain concepts to our students - so to do our students when we challenge them to engage in a process of explaining their  understanding through a project or video.

Some examples please? 

We have created a website ( for sharing the projects and videos we have generated using EE to support learning math and science in elementary and middle school - and we encourage folks to borrow what we have and expand upon it!

Below I share some videos I created to share ideas with students (and to provide students with exemplars they may use for inspiration), and some video presentations created with EE to demonstrate a few of our interactive projects.  With many of the resources  I also share the actual EE projects, but to access the projects you will need to have EE installed on your iPad.  (Note that most of  the EE .xpl files can be found in the previous blog entry - see NCTM - April 10th)

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