Canadian Money

This Explain Everything Page shares a collection of money that can be used by students to explore and demonstrate understanding.

Tap on the image to download a .xpl file to open in EE:

Some lesson/activity ideas:

1.  Counting change.  Show me 7¢, 18¢, 34¢, 87¢, $1.25, $3.69, etc.,  Discuss (multiple representations)

2,  Show as many relationships as you can.  E.g., $0.25 = $0.10+$0.10+$0.05.  Discuss strategy/plan to get them all?

3. Problem solving.  A shirt and a collar cost a dime and a dollar - the shirt costs a dollar more than the collar - how much did each cost (a 1930 question)?

4. Performance assessment.  Make a video showing how you would solve: I have 3 coins in my pocket, what might I have? 

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