A Collection of Explain Everything Project Files for Math and Science

Tim Pelton, tpelton@uvic.ca
Emily Paxman,
University of Victoria

Please borrow and share our Explain Everything project files.  You and your students can use them as virtual manipulatives and worksheets, you can create demonstration videos and you can challenge students to record their explanations. We gratefully acknowledge the receipt of a CER-Net grant to support the production of these resources.

Please see some of our video demonstrations/examples at: https://vimeo.com/user28115587

They are not perfect, but we hope that these exemplars might support and motivate you to  create your own manipulatives and video explanations.  Note that many of the projects have multiple pages- it is helpful to through all of the pages.

If you review our blog www.explainingunderstanding.com you will find further explanations on each of these projects.

Basic Manipulatives:

Understanding Attributes:



Fractions and Ratios:

Calculator Puzzles:

Cartesian Coordinates:

Some Science Examples:

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