Sharing Strategies for Flipping and Fortifying Your Lessons - Aug 2016

Sharing Strategies for
Flipping and Fortifying Your Lessons

LTAT 2016 – UVic  – August 31, 2016 (11:15 AM - 12:15 PM HHB 110)

Tim Pelton


Flipping lessons by augmenting preparatory resources with video content can be helpful to students if they are willing and able to engage with the new resources. The strategy of fortifying lessons by bringing elements of these video resources into class to support discussions and activities can improve the effect. In this workshop, I will share some strategies for flipping and fortifying lessons with video content that we have curated and/or created. Participants will be invited to share their experiences in flipping and fortifying and their strategies for encouraging useful student engagement and interaction.

Why Use Video?
What Makes a Good Video?
Why Flip?
Why Fortify?

Why Use Video?
§  Opportunity to capture and share good explanations
§  Available anywhere/anytime
§  Meet individual student needs
playback control
playback speed
review as often as needed
§  Reach beyond your students
§  Free: Youtube, Vimeo, Khan,  etc.
§  Anything else?

What Makes a Good Video?

§  Multimedia principles (see
§  Efficient (succinct, efficient,…)
§  Clear, comprehensive and correct explanation
§  Authentic experience
§  Create your own (low PV, PS process, answer on-topic questions)
§  Can be a lecture (efficient, credibility)
§  Hook:
How old are your ears?

§  Engage:
Chicken or Egg?

§  Anything else?

Why Flip?         
Why Flip?
§  Meet student needs (prepare, control, revisit…)
§  Reduce passive lecture
§  Make room for activities/support
§  Capture your best content once (and share)
§  Anything else?

Strategies for Flipping:
§  Let the students know up front
§  Make sure they have access
§  Discuss the benefits, limitations,
§  Share strategies (speed, control)
§  Expectations/Encouragement/Mastery
(online quiz, journal, minute paper, best idea, question)
§  What other strategies do you have? TPS

Why Fortify?
Why Fortify?
§  Capture student attention
§  Temporal Proximity/Recall
§  Set context for discussion
§  Efficient presentation (20 min -> 5 min)
§  Enhanced lesson
§  Model procedures/process (then practice)
§  Support students outside of class (lecture captured)
§  What do you do? TPS


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